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little relis●h upon it. Three days later ●Pickens and two of his most re●liable men were found dead on Bul●l Creek, shot like the ba

  • men between O●ctober, 1859 and 1860. Other companie●s
  • had lost two to three each.■ A railroad conductor named ■Rogers had been shot through the forehead. Qu●antrell
  • and Pickens became int■imate, as a captain and lieutenan●t of the same company should, and confided m●any thi
Revolutionary Perfection


anded by t■he Nemesis. The new lieutena■nt bought himself a splendid uniform, own■ed the best horse in the territory and in●stead of

one navy revolver, now had two. Or●ganizations of all sorts now sprang up, Free■ Soil clubs, Men of Equal Rights,● Sons of Liberty,


Destroying Angel●s, Lane’s Loyal Leaguers, and everyone ●made haste to get his name signed to both● constitution and by-laws. ■Law

rence especially effected the Liberat■or Club, whose undivided mission wa●s to found freedom for all the slaves now■ in Missouri. Quantrell persevered in his effor●ts to kill all of the men who had had ■a hand in the k

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illing of his brother a■nd the wounding of himself. With this in v■iew, he induced seven Liberators t■o co-operate with him in an attack on Morga●n Walker. These seven men whom Quantrel●l picked were the last except tw■o of the men he had sworn vengeance up■on when left to die at Cottonwood River, K●ansas. He told them that Mor■gan Walker had a lot of “ni■ggers,” horses and cattle and money and that th●e sole purpose was to rob and kill hi■m. Q